Project ROCKON

Jyoti Mishra (PI)


Project ROCKON (Research On Cognition in Kids to Overcome Neglect) is a recently completed project led by Dr. Jyoti Mishra in collaboration with the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) hospital and Udayan Care, an organization that provides rescue and rehabilitation for children with a history of neglect and trauma. In this study, Dr. Mishra tested the feasibility and efficacy of digital technology interventions to benefit brain function, cognitive function and related mental health behaviors in adolescents with a history of neglect/trauma. The mobile app based interventions focused on internal attention training (breath monitoring) vs. external attention training (video games) vs. a life-as-usual control group. All adolescents assigned to intervention fully adhered to their training, highlighting feasibility of digital interventions in low-resource communities. Further, the study demonstrated that internal attention training significantly improves brain and behavior function (publications forthcoming). Importantly, this global mental health study highlights the utility of digital applications in promoting much needed self-regulation skills in individuals affected by neglect and trauma.