• Morgen Chalmiers

    Morgen Chalmiers


    Morgen Chalmiers is a graduate student in Psychological and Medical Anthropology as well as a medical student in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Her research broadly examines women’s experiences of reproductive healthcare using the tools and theoretical lens of psychological anthropology. She works with a collaborative team across the UC campuses to conduct community-engaged, multi-sited research on resettled refugee women’s experiences of reproductive healthcare. Her current project employs critical feminist theory and phenomenological analysis to investigate disparities in maternal mental health among immigrant and refugee communities in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, with a particular focus on postpartum PTSD. She is passionate about integrating anthropological insights into clinical practice and health policy through interdisciplinary collaboration.

    Morgen's research interests include Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health, PTSD, Global Mental Health, Childbirth, Reproductive Health, Trauma, Qualitative/Mixed Methods Research, Embodiment, Refugee Health, and Critical Gender Studies.

  • Hannah Radner

    Hannah Radner


    Hannah Radner received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago in 2012. After five years in the nonprofit sector, she returned to academia to study the lived experience of mental illness and the relationship between religion and mental health.

  • Giselle Sanchez

    Giselle Sanchez


    Giselle Sanchez is a graduate student whose primary research interests include emotion experience, mental health, and conceptions of resilience and well-being among adolescents and migrant populations. Before joining the UCSD Department of Anthropology, Giselle received her B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA, where she was a scholar in the UCLA Lemelson Anthropological Honors Program. She is an engaged member of an interdisciplinary research team conducting research on Adolescent Wellbeing in Northern Mexico (Bienestar), and on Adolescent Mental Health in Southern California.