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About the CGMH

The CGMH at UCSD is designed as an innovative enterprise to promote research, training, advocacy and awareness of the central role of mental, neurological, and substance use (MNS) conditions in shaping educational, occupational, community and personal wellbeing. The CGMH seeks to challenge three popular myths concerning mental health: that such conditions are not real, not important, and not treatable (see Kleinman's clip).  Decades of research in the health and social sciences empirically demonstrate such presumptions to be both false and detrimental.

Core activities include intramural and extramural conferences, panels, workshops, public forums, hosting of international scholars, and the pursuit of cutting-edge research. Our training mission is student-centered (UG, doctoral, and post-doctoral), research-driven, poised to adopt, develop, and share new research and intervention models, methodologies, and technologies. 

Thus far we have developing collaborations to address our core themes with colleagues in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti, India, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The CGMH trans-disciplinary approach (cultural, biological, climate-environmental, neuroscientific, epigenetic, technological) brings together faculty, students, and community members working toward scientific understandings, evidence-based interventions, and civic-based concerns of the community to advance GMH.  

We are grateful to the UCSD Office of Research Affairs for supporting the launch of the CGMH.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Global Mental Health is to build a platform to engage the myriad challenges that impact socioemotional health and wellbeing. The center seeks to bring understanding and healing to the global community through advancing the field of Global Mental Health.