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Graduate & Medical Students

  • Alma Casillas, B.A.

    Alma Casillas, B.A.

    Alma Casillas (Latin American Studies) has worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the CGMH for two years and currently as a UCSD graduate student in Education Studies. Alma seeks to apply her experience and expertise in Latin American studies and as a Mexican bilingual speaker to English learners in the border area of San Diego and Tijuana, a core area of CGMH interest in relationship to the interface of education and emotional wellbeing. Alma has worked on CGMH research projects on  Adolescent Wellbeing in Northern Mexico (Bienestar), and Adolescent Mental Health in Southern California (Oceanside).

  • Ben Merrill, M.A.

    Ben Merrill, M.A.
    Ben Merrill completed a double major in Medical Anthropology/Psychology with a minor in Public Health at Creighton University (B.A. 2018). Currently a thrid-year graduate student in Psychological & Medical Anthropology, his research situates asylum seekers’ experiences of transit and resettlement along continua of wellbeing and citizenship. He is also concerned with the experiences of humanitarian and state actors, whose work to sustain migrant’s journeys – and life itself. Ben is the lead graduate research assistant on the TASET project, (Tracing Asylum-Seeker’s Experience & Trajectories, Dr Tom Csordas and Dr Janis Jenkins, Co-PIs). Ultimately, his professional and academic pursuits envision a form global health education grounded in decolonial and feminist epistemologies which prioritize a liberatory-praxis. 
  • Eric Angevine Miller, B.S.

    Eric Angevine Miller, B.S.

    Eric A. Miller, currently a second-year medical student at UCSD SOM, joined the CGMH research team working to investigate how adolescents’ mental health and emotional wellbeing are influenced by their social environment. As of June 2020, Eric’s work on this project is supported through an award through the Sanford Scholar Program by the UCSD Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion. Eric brings a unique skill set to assist with analyses of a rich quantitative and qualitative dataset for a group of socioeconomically disadvantaged middle school students in Southern California. This research is critical for advancing social justice and anti-racism to dismantle numerous inequalities between Hispanic/Latino and White/Euro-American adolescents. This research also serves as the empirical foundation for development of a partnership for interventions that can be therapeutically efficacious and culturally meaningful. We intend these interventions as a means of working toward development of novel social, educational, and political strategies to counter systemic inequalities.

  • Shayna Orensztein, B.A.

    Shayna Orensztein, B.A.

    Shayna Orensztein received her B.A. in Global Health and in fall 2020 she will begin UCSD's M.A. Program in Global Health. She has been a research assistant for the CGMH for over a year and is currrently working on CGMH's research project on Adolescent Mental Health among Ethnically Diverse and Socially Disadvantaged Middle School Students in Southern California. Shayna's ongoing research interests include mental health, women's reproductive health, health inequities, and health policy.

  • Alexandra Pryor, B.A., B.S.

    Alexandra Pryor, B.A., B.S.

    Alexandra Pryor is a medical student at UC San Diego School of Medicine. Alexandra has worked on numerous CGMH projects (Adolescent Mental Health among Ethnically Diverse and Socially Disadvantaged Middle School Students in Southern California; Cultural Perceptions and Practices Surrounding Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing in Northern Mexico; Southwest Youth Experience of Psychiatric Treatment in New Mexico). Alexandra Pryor gained her B.A. in Global Health and B.S. in Human Biology from UC San Diego. Alexandra's ongoing research interests include adolescent mental health, mobile health technology, health inequities, and refugee health.

  • Hannah Radner, M.A.

    Hannah Radner, M.A.

    Hannah Radner received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago in 2012. After five years in the nonprofit sector, she returned to academia to study the lived experience of mental illness and the relationship between religion and mental health.

  • Giselle Sanchez, M.A.

    Giselle Sanchez, M.A.

    Giselle Sanchez is the Coordinator for the Center for Global Mental Health. Giselle is a graduate student whose primary research interests include emotion experience, mental health, and conceptions of resilience and well-being among adolescents and migrant populations. Before joining the UCSD Department of Anthropology, Giselle received her B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA, where she was a scholar in the UCLA Lemelson Anthropological Honors Program. She is an engaged member of an interdisciplinary research team conducting research on Adolescent Wellbeing in Northern Mexico (Bienestar), and on Adolescent Mental Health in Southern California.