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Research Projects


Epidemiology of HIV antiretroviral exposure from whoonga use in South Africa
Community-sourced family therapy intervention and implementation in Kenya


Mental Illness and Embodiment of Intergenerational Experience in Life transitions in Mainland China
Project ROCKON in Northern India
Individual and Communal Transformation through Seva in a Sikh Community
Project ONTRAC in Northern India

South America

Exposure to Pesticides among Children and Adolescents in Ecuador
On Sadness: Configurations of Care, Mental Health, and Impacts of Environmental Precarity in Northern Patagonia
Spiritism, Spirituality and Psych Knowledge: studying mental health practices in an outpatient clinic in Southern Brazil
Precarity, Neglect, Mental Health, and HIV-AIDS among Women in Chile


Adolescent Mental Health in Costa Rica 
Delivering Community-based Psychiatric Services in Rural Haiti After the 2010 Earthquake

North America

Tracing Asylum-Seeker’s Experience & Trajectories  (TASET)
Adolescent Mental Health among Ethnically Diverse and Socially Disadvantaged Middle School Students in Southern California
Ethnographic Approach to Migrants and Asylum Seekers’ Experiences in the Border Region
Investigating the Importance of Cultural Environment to Addiction Treatment and Recovery in the United States-Mexico Border Zone
Cultural Perceptions and Practices Surrounding Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing in Northern Mexico
Southwest Youth Experience of Psychiatric Treatment in New Mexico


International President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Addiction Technology Transfer Center in Ukraine
Contemporary Roman Catholic Exorcism Prayer in the United States and Italy
Experience and Treatment of Neurological and Mental Conditions in Catalonia

Middle East

Syrian refugee mental health in Jordan and San Diego