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CGMH Presentation at MiraCosta College's Honors OMNI Symposium

Presenters: Alexis Burnstan, Alexandra Escobar, & Hannah Padilla

November 30, 2018

We began with a discussion of Global Mental Health (GMH), laying claim to the acknowledgment that mental health must be equally considered in the entire scope of global health policy, research, and advocacy. We engaged in an open dialogue about mental health and furthermore how it's prioritization is a vital component and an important key to our human health. Another aim of the presentation was the mention of adolescence as a difficult growth period with unique challenges that often lead to psychological strain. These lived psychological experiences are fundamental--often stigmatized aspects of childhood--to our understanding of adolescent mental health. Outlining Dr. Jenkins training and research on the topic, we introduced the Southern Californian research project that our practicum is specifically apart of. Demonstrating interventions around the world, we continued with exemplary projects the CGMH is involved in. These projects included Jyoti Mishra's Project ROCKON, Bonnie Kaiser's Kenyan therapy intervention, as well as Dr. Grelotti's post-earthquake Haitian epilepsy research. We then opened the floor for students to discuss how mental health has impacted them and what we think the future for mental health will hold.