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Global Mental Health Symposium

The CGMH, Global Health Program, and Students for Global Health hosted a Global Mental Health Symposium on Thursday, May 24th featuring mental health expert, Dr. Nev Jones. The event will start at 2pm at the Dolores Huerta-Philip Vera Cruz Room, UCSD. 

The symposium highlighted mental health -- no different from physical health -- as a fundamental process affecting all humans. We explored the stigma that surround mental health, including fear and discrimination, commonly reproduced across communities and academic settings alike. Through open dialogue, we challenged all to become aware of the importance of mental health in our everyday lives.

You can learn more about the speaker and her work below:

Nev Jones's Publications

Interview with Nev Jones, "Touch of Madness"

Audio Recording from Event

CGMH Members: (left to right) Hannah Read, Dr. Janis Jenkins, Dr. Nev Jones, Alexandra Pryor, Dr. Thomas Csordas, Dr. Olga Olivas, Fernando Ciello



Nev Jones, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Mental Health Law & Policy
University of South Florida